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All listed color service prices are a base minimum cost on medium density collarbone length hair. Service prices are personalized costs dependent on client's hair needs, density, length, texture, and history will determine the combination of processes, techniques, time, and products needed to achieve desired custom color.

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

COLOR re-touch or gloss

ROOT single color re-growth: $115+

ROOT re-touch with gloss: $175+

FULL single color: $150+

GLOBAL root re-touch: $250+

TONING gloss: $75+


HI-lites LOW-lites

FULL head color work: $350+

HALF head color work: $275+

PARTIAL color work: $225+

HAIR line FACE frame color work: $125+

 ROOT drop Dimension: $250+

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy


COLOR blocking or contouring: $175+

GLOBAL bleaching: $450+

FASHION color work: $375+

CORRECTIVE color work: $100+/hr




Pricing will vary depending on length and density for all styling. Upstyling and perms will require consultation prior to booking with contract and deposit. 


HEAT styling

WASH blow-out: $45+

WASH heat-style: $45+

WASH diffused: $45

WASH curly texture work: $55+

WAVES: $30+

SMOOTH: $25+

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy


FORMAL style: $125+

HOLLYWOOD waves: $150+

BRIDAL style: $175+

ON location styling: $$+



ROLLER curls: $250+

BEACH waves: $250+

SMOOTH straight: $350+


All pricing are a base minimum cost, length and density will determine final service cost. Wash is NOT included and can be an add-on but maybe required if needed to achieve hair cut goal.



Clipper cut: $35+

Pixie re-fresh: $45+

Bob or Lob re-fresh: $45+

Face frame: $25+

Dusting: $35+



Trim re-fresh: $45+

Layers re-fresh: $65+

Dusting: $45+



Dramatic change in length, layers, and/or shape: $75+


All new extensions install service require a complimentary consultation. This will allow me to assess your hair's current state and decide which method or methods will best suit our desired look. We will discuss processes, methods, home care, maintenance, and budget. 



Designed for maximum length and fullness giving the most dramatic impact with  minimal installation and maintenance time. Move ups are 4-6 weeks and re-installation after every 3rd move up, depending on hair growth and home care.


K-tips & I-tips

K-tips strands used to fill in areas of concern as the bonding size can be customized. These are fused to hair used keratin and heat. They can last up to 3 months or more before removed depending on hair growth and home care.

I-tips strands are attached with beads and will need to be moved up every 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth and home care.  



Designed for maximum length and coverage giving dramatic coverage quickly. The natural hair is sandwiched in between the bonds. Removal and re-installation is required every 6-8 weeks depending on hair growth and home care. 

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